Friday, September 9, 2011

Deceptive headline has desired effect...

Good Morning Burnfans!

A short one for now...and then an angry rant about my fucktard Vice Principal this afternoon.  Now...I'm sure that this is going to get a lot of blog play (if it hasn't already) simply because it allows folks to do two one of two things.  It allows people who want to blame the bustard for all of the racism in blame the bustard.  It also allows the bustard's defenders to point a finger at how evil Korea is and how he was right to snap.

The only thing that I want to say about it is's fuck all to do with the fact that the fella was black...I mean...the article says -

the bus driver demanded to know where he was from, before ordering him off the bus.

“He begins shooing me with his hands in anger and says ‘get off’ in Korean (‘naga’) and I hear people chuckle,” explained Khalid. “Then I step off and he shuts the door and drives off.”
What do we learn from that paragraph?  The bus driver asks where he is from...and then says 나가.  The man was kicked off the bus for being American...not for being black.  I've had plenty of occassions where buses have driven straight past strikes me as odd that the bus driver let the guy on the bus and THEN asked 'where are you from?' In my experience...a bus driver wouldn't stop at the bus stop at all...they're too busy to take the piss like that.

It just seems weird.  So does the idea that people cover their mouths because they think he smells...wouldn't they cover their noses? 

Now...I'm not saying that racism isn't rampant where this fella is...or that the bus incident didn't piggy back this onto the other bus a bridge too far for me.  That was a serious incident that is cheapened by this sort of cheap headline attachment.  If the bus driver really did that shit...lodge a complaint with City Hall...or better yet...don't budge off that fucking bus until you get the bus driver's name (they display the name of the driver in the bus) and announce that you will report that shit.  Don't call a newspaper before you lodge a complaint to the correct body...that just smacks of attention seeking.  Every organisation has fucktards in it...they learn that the dude they hired is a cunt BECAUSE people complain that he is a cunt.  Complain to the correct people...if nothing a newspaper.  That's my tip. It's interesting that the dude from City Hall said that they were investigating a matching complaint...but Khalid said that he hadn't complained yet.  Sounds like City Hall blowing a little smoke up the reporter's arse.

Anyways...I just spent my five cents.

Have a day!

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