Monday, March 5, 2012

The new blog's becoming the old blog which was supposed to be a new blog not an old blog.

Alright Burnfans!

How are you doing?  Ya alright?

Just a brief little visit over sit and get some air after another day on the new blog watching David T pull his pudding and delight in the magic of his own wad.

Sad to say that the new blog's becoming the old blog.  It's partially my fault.  When things degenrated over here...I took the bait and decided that I should highlight my antagonists faults.  She bullied someone in my comment section...and I highlighted that (albeit without using her name), when I should probably have kept my displeasure quiet.  From there...shit got well and truly out of hand didn't they?  You'd better fucking believe that they did sweet cheeks!

So...the current situation is more a case of a constant and persistant troll...a pest...a constant buzz.  It's frusttating because David has no idea what the fuck he is talking it's impossible to argue.  How can you discuss or argue shit...when the other party can't read and comprehend shit...and can't write about the shit that he can't read or comprehend?  At least with my former nemesis she was able to articulate her arguments and criticisims...even if I didn't agree with her...I could see where she'd developed her arguments, and how she'd come to her conclusions.  With David...I've no idea. 

I DO know that David thinks that my blog is outside of the bounds of morality...ethics...and social laws...and that it's a hate piece...where I slander Korea and a consequence...make life more difficult for my fellow NETs.  That's what he thinks.

The reality is that I love Korea...and most people call me an apologist (or a cunt)...and say that I'm too pro Korea.  David's the frst person who's ever claimed that I'm anti-Korean.  Weird shit.

So...I just figured I'd have a little pre-podcast complaint about the whole thing that's what I fucking well did! 

Have a nice night Burnchums!

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  1. Unfortunately that is what happens when you engage zealots or crazies. DD falls into both those categories.


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