Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Burndog's coming home...

Heya Burnfans....and once again...I mean the realest Burnfans there Blogger Burnfans.  My home fans.

Yeah.  That's right.  You cunts are my home soft pillow of happiness in this fucked up world.

Now...I ken that you poor arseholes have been ignored for far too long...but don't you worry...Burndog's coming home.  Yeah.  Pappa's gonna be home in time to kick some arse.  Yeah.

See...Tumblr is fine...if you want to post topless photos of K-Boys, complain about your period/body image, argue about a LOT of American issues, or generally read 'stuff' by 'experts' who have lived in Korea for (on average) a year and a I discussed the golden date for knowing everything.  Now...don't get me wrong...all of the above shit's fine...if that's what you're into...but let me be clear...Burndog's NEVER going to write about dipping chocolate in Peanut Butter one day, and then complain about his weight the next day...nor is he going to want to read that.

So...when I go home...I'm coming home.  You should be able to work that out.

Blogger is pretty cool about people expressing honest and heartfelt opinions you can expect me to tee off about a couple of things/people.  I'm looking forward to a LOOOOONG discussion with you punters about a couple of fuckwits who I've been far too kind to.  Eve.  Daverrick.  You cunts are on notice.  Burndog's not done.  You two cunts have pissed me off...and I plan on a long and deliciously libel free retort.  When and if I can be fucked writing it.  I plan on doing you fucktards slowly...on my own time...and based on my own inclinations.

Many people are decent enough to rise above the bullshit.

I'm not.

You don't become the most famous blogger in all of Korea (including North) by avoiding fucking chance!

So...I have my thermos of tea and my teflon underpants...and I'm gearing up for a big year of calling people cunt.  Join me dear Burnfan, as we set the blogosphere alight with our very simple, very pleasant, and ultimately satirical and in no way libelous or meaningful exercise in free speech.

God Bless Australia.

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