Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Howdy Punters!

Hello there loyal Burnfan!

I'm back! Yes indeed!

 Now...those of you who have been SUPER loyal, have known that this day would come. You chirpy cunts aren't in any way surprised. Burndog's coming home!

 Not just in the physical, let's move the fat fucker to Australia way...but also in a for real..."Burndog's Burnblog" the true home of bullshit since 2000 and some other fucking number!

It's nice to be back...and I intend to post on here for the entire year that I'm home...and a little bit before...and then almost exclusively after.  It's so nice to be home.

I'm going to use this blog as I always intended...to show how miserable, boring, and intentionally shithouse life can be.

I assume that you're filling your underpants with joy?  Fuck yeah!!!

SO...for the time that I'm in Australia...there will be this blog...the Korean Soccer Blog (which I haven't even really written on yet...but I will when the pod's dead)...the wanky photos...and a secret blog that none of you cunts will ever find.  Why a secret blog?  Because I said so you nosy cunt!

Toodles Burnfans.

Love your guts!

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  1. i thought you meant the 10th of May!!!

    book me in for seeing you ASAP - giv


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